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Trained Technicians

Toyota Technicians receive training on a variety of Powertrain options making our network of Dealers the obvious choice when it comes to caring for your Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid or Electric vehicle.

Each Certified Toyota Technician completes Manufacturer developed training under the Pan-European Toyota framework known as TEAM21 (Technical Education for Automotive Mastery). Our Technicians encounter advanced fault simulations on Toyota models during training, making them the best people to work on your car. Throughout their career, they attend CPD training to keep updated with new and emerging technologies.

Only Certified Toyota Technicians receive training developed specific to your Toyota, by the people who built them.

It takes dedication and a passion for Technology to become a Certified Toyota Technician.

There are three levels of Toyota Technician Certification:

  • Toyota Technician – Level 1

    Toyota Technicians are trained to carry out servicing and routine maintenance on Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid Powertrains adhering to strict manufacturer servicing techniques and intervals. It takes more than 25 Hours of Manufacturer specific training and assessments to become a Toyota Technician.

  • Toyota Pro Technician – Level 2

    Pro Technicians are trained on advanced fault-finding techniques. Importantly, they understand the essential safety steps needed before working on the High Voltage areas of a Hybrid system. It takes approx. 60 hours of Manufacturer specific training and practical assessments to become a Pro Technician.

  • Toyota Diagnostic Technician – Level 3

    Diagnostic Technicians are some of our most highly trained technicians. They are experts in advanced Diagnostic and fault-finding techniques using the latest technology approved by Toyota. A Diagnostic Technician will have completed approx. 233 Hours of advanced Manufacturer specific training and assessments.